Antler chews are naturally rich in calcium and minerals. They support kidney health, joint health, muscle health, dental health and provide for a healthier coat.
BuckeyBites antlers are gaining traction as a premier chew that keeps dogs teeth healthy and last longer than traditional pet treats even for the most extreme chewer.
A great source of calcium and minerals, BuckeyBites chews feature no chemical enhancements, dyes, preservatives or odors.
Antler chews are perfect for anxiety-prone dogs and critters that soothe themselves with chewing. They have a rich color and texture, and provide hours of chew time fun.
Tired of providing your dog with the same old plastic or rubber dog chews? Are they going through countless bones? BuckeyBites antler chews is the answer!

Welcome To Buckey Bites!

Welcome to! BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews are all natural treats for your dog. But they are so much more than just a treat. They have been nature's "perfect chew" for the K9 population as well as other animals since the dawn of time.

What Makes Buckey Bites So Great?

  • They provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium
  • They are helpful in the support of bone, joint and muscle health
  • They do not contain any chemicals or preservatives
  • They are non-allergenic
  • They help to promote the dental health of your pet.
  • All of our antlers come from North American shed antler - never anywhere else!
  • Your dogs will love them!

Buckey Bites Antler Chews are the best choice for your pets, as they are University  Researched and Veterinarian endorsed.